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Hi there, my
name is Helen,

I offer care & support for those experiencing hardships in their lives. Whether you're faced with a life-limiting diagnosis or the mental fatigue of caregiving, I want to help you and your loved ones as they navigate the journey of life through art and self-care.

I do this by providing in-person care as a Private PSW, palliative and hospice support as an End of Life Doula, as well as sharing guidance, support, resources, and information to alleviate the fear and isolation often felt at these times. Some services are also offered virtually. Reiki sessions are available for stress reduction and relaxation. Some services are also offered virtually. 


For caregivers, I give them a place to lean in, feel support and compassion, and provide creative tools to help alleviate their isolation and caregiver burnout.


I bring a creative flair to Advance Care Planning, where we take a fun approach to compile your plans and document your comfort and care wishes. This approach allows your unique personality to shine through, as we listen, create and document care strategies that will reduce anxiety and stress.

Plan More.  Stress Less.


We all die. Let's confront the fear, take control, express our wishes and enjoy the ride.

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Private Personal Support Worker and End of Life Doula

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Helen completed her training as an End of Life Doula with Douglas College in January 2020 and is excited to offer her services both locally and virtually.

As a Private Personal Support Worker, certified in 2007 and refresher courses in 2022, she is able to customize the care she provides for her clients. She is providing support for the many different roads travelled as we age, in the process of dying and experiencing as caregivers. She will help her clients focus on self-compassion and bring awareness to the choices we have.

Helen has experienced many losses in her own life and been a caregiver in some way for most of it.  This grief and loss have brought to her attention where there is room for improvement in how we experience living and dying. The preparations we make ahead of time and the care we provide for those aging and at the end of life.  Each unique experience on her journey has increased her passion to be available and willing to walk beside those on their own journey.

Private Personal Support Worker

Helen is providing these private services because she sees a need in her surrounding communities for in-home care.  She wants people to have the opportunity to choose her to come into their homes or the homes of their loved ones

to provide dependable quality care.


 She believes it is important for a person to continue to thrive as they age and staying at home can be a big contributing factor to their wellbeing. 

By having someone who is trained to provide in-person home care and assistance in the activities of daily living, while preserving their dignity and maintaining a good quality of life, this can be accomplished. 


Caregivers also need a break.  The role as caregiver can be exhausting and overwhelming. Having a trained professional as support can provide relief for the caregiver, be it for a few hours or a fun day.

Services can include aging in place, companionship, post surgery care, respite or palliative care.

By assessing what the person's needs are, a plan can be put in place to help that person live at home as long as possible, alleviating their stress as well as their loved ones.

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