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Before you can take care of others, you must take care of yourself

Who takes care of the caregivers?


I once asked myself this question and realized I wanted to teach those who care for others, how to care for

themselves as well.

I saw a need for activities that would help people find new ways of recharging. Through finding my own passion, I recognized how beneficial this type of self-care could really be. Whatʼs so wonderful about finding that passion is that I could keep going back to it and it never got angry when I was away too long. Every time I reconnect with it, the excitement, relaxation and joy are immeasurable.

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"It's Just Paint"
Art Class

Create your painting escape today. This is your time to play, laugh, relax, let go, create, and rejuvenate with our all-levels art classes

Paint, Paddle & Picnic

Explore the natural tranquillity of NW Ontario and uncover your creativity. Plan a daycation combining paint & paddle strokes while enjoying a scrumptious lunch

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Kayak & SUP Rentals

Whether you want to paddle for an hour or a day or two, this amazing equipment will make that an enjoyable experience

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