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Celebrating my 60th Year

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

I have a little story to tell you about what a fantastic 60th Birthday I had.

The reason I wanted to share this is to show how important it is to do things for people and for ourselves while we are living, not waiting until we are dying or dead.

I was already looking forward to my birthday because we had plans to go to our son Jeramie and daughter-in-law Julia, Amelia and Thomas’s for the day of my birthday. So I knew I would be having a great day with them.

Then a few days before my birthday, we heard a vehicle drive in the yard, a door close but we weren’t expecting anyone. We went to the door and coming up the steps was our daughter Miranda, with Holden & Piper. To say it was emotional is an understatement. What is extra special about this, is that they live in Red Deer and she drove here with the kids on her own (it’s an 18 hour drive, so she took 2 days to do the drive). That they had come so they could celebrate my birthday made me feel awfully special and tremendously grateful.

I am also grateful for the weather, which has been above normal temperatures and beautiful for this time of year which is the reason she was able to make the trip.

We were able to hang out and for a few days really enjoying family time, then on the day of my birthday I had all the kids together, (sorry son-in-law Lee couldn’t make it).

They also surprised me by also inviting more family and friends. They decorated and had wonderful food and some delicious cake. I was pampered and given some great gifts. I was genuinely thrilled with all that was done for me, I couldn’t have asked for more.

Thank you to my family for making my day a very Special one.

But there was more. In early December I had decided I wanted to celebrate with friends online and I wanted it to be about stepping into a new phase of my life, something I have started learning about and that is the phase of the “Crone”.

The description I found that I felt embodied what I was feeling and ready to call in and what I posted on my event was:

“A Crone is a woman who has moved past mid-life and who acknowledges her survivorship, embraces her age, learns from the examined experience of her life, she has gained wisdom, she is a teacher, the bringer of death and rebirth, and, most likely appreciates the wrinkles on her face….

A Crone is a woman who is comfortable with her spiritual self, her intuition and her creative power.

I am proud and grateful that I have reached this age, many of my friends have not had this opportunity. I don’t see myself as old but yet I have lived through much and look forward to many more years. I also accept that life is finite so I am choosing to live fully.”

I had done a virtual birthday party last year and had so much fun, then when I learned about Ceremonies through my Death Doula work during a great workshop that introduced me to Megan and the Be Ceremonial website and app. Through that I had the idea and created a ceremony for my birthday. I had never done that before but I was so intrigued. I went online and chose what I wanted to include and then created a ceremony.

I sent out invites and was so pleased that friends showed up for me. I still had the birthday banner the kids had gotten for me and I set up a mantle.

So this took place the day after my birthday and I have to say, it was bloody amazing. I had no idea what to expect, but the people who showed up were exactly the right people to share this with me. A few friends had sent regrets and they were there in spirit.

One of the things that really blew me away was the portion where I had asked people to share with me some wisdom I might have brought into their lives. With each share I took an amethyst stone and held it while they spoke and put them in a beautiful container to save.

The sharing was definitely the most magical part of the ceremony for me. It touched me to my core and filled me up beyond anything I could have imagined.

I am grateful for everyone who took the time to join me and share. I have said that it’s only the first weeks of 2023 and my cup feels like it is already filled to the rim.

One other little piece of information I would like to share is that during the ceremony I shared a song by Kellianna that I was just introduced. It truly summed up the Crone perfectly. Click on it to listen for yourself.

I hope this inspires you to do something for others, but also to remember to do things that light you up. Make memories now.

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