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Pretty Art Stationery

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

When I was growing up, I loved finding pretty stationery to write letters to my penpals and relatives far away. Now we have the emails and texts, but it's just not the same.

I created these pretty papers using my artwork to dress them up. I tried writing letters on plain paper and just wasn't feeling it. I wanted something just a little fancier that made it more fun. So whether you want the whole painting on it or just the small reference, these are great ways to add a little beauty when writing those letters again.

In the End of Life community we talk about writing that "Love Letter" to your loved ones, possibly leaving notes for them they will find after you are gone, or to give them while you are still able and know they read your letter. A great resource is Willow EOL Education and Planning has a free download about the 5 Minute Love Letter.

We often leave words unsaid, this is a way of making sure that your loved ones are reassured about how you felt about them.

You can find this stationery on my Shop Site. They are created as PDF.s and JPGs that you can purchase and download. You can the

n print it off as many times as you like.

These are a few samples below, you will find a few more choices on my site.

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