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Why a Grief Painting?

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

A way of Acknowledging Our Grief through meditation and painting.

In these times of Covid, I know that we are all experiencing all forms of grief whether we are aware of it or not, or even want to recognize it, it is affecting all of us in some way.

With this thought in mind, I began envisioning what it might look like, as painting, to be sitting with our grief and this is what came to me.

It is well known that it is important to work through our grief, it doesn't mean we can make it go away all together, I really don't think that is possible. It's about not letting it take over. It's about living with it, acknowledging it and being okay with it.

I am offering a creative way to deal with our grief through this painting. "It's Just Paint" - Acknowledging Our Grief class are being held ONLINE through Zoom along with a short meditation. There are scheduled classes through Eventbrite, or contact me directly, with a group of 2 or more, to schedule a date and time that works best for you.

There are 3 different classes to choose from (3 different paintings).

The cost is $33.00 (includes taxes) per participant.

You can sign up through Eventbrite: Acknowledging Our Grief

This is a no stress painting. I send you the supply list along with a pdf of the silhouette to transfer onto your painting. You do not need any previous experience, you do not need to know how to draw. Remember, "It's Just Paint" and we are going to have a fun relaxing evening, letting the painting be what it needs to be. No stress, no judgment. Everyone is welcome.

I will start us off with a wonderful guided meditation, " acknowledging and honoring our grief" so we might release what is ready to be let go, accept what is not and be okay with it all.

I will then lead us through creating this acrylic painting to enhance our ability to release what is no longer serving us and honor what is not ready.

Zoom Link will be provided after sign up, by email.

You can sign up through Eventbrite: Acknowledging Our Grief

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