At Blueberry Road, we strive to offer the best support and guidance to you and your loved ones

Our services include


Providing support for the many different roads the dying and their caregivers are on, focusing on self-care and preparation.

Comfort Care

We support you along the road during Palliative and Hospice. As non-medical support, we are here to sit, listen and hold space for you or your loved one during this difficult time.

Caregiver Support

We recognize the struggles of being a caregiver.  Recognizing that self-care is important for the caregiver.  Sometimes all you need is to talk about your day, talk honestly about what you are dealing with, with no judgment.  This is not about giving you advice, we want you to be able to decompress, destress and be able to be the best caregiver you can be without jeopardizing your own health.  Maybe you need to make a plan for how you will practice self-care to make sure you can continue your role as a caregiver.  We can help you to map this out.


Regularly you have the opportunity to join life/death conversations in her virtual (for now) Campfire Chats through EventBrite.

Care Evaluation

We want to support you by taking the time to listen and help you map out what your values and wishes are. Let’s get clear on the best road for you to take. What do you want and need at this time? We can design the best road map for where you are at now so you can continue to provide a clear picture for your medical team and caregivers so you receive the best care possible, based on your wishes for your final journey.


Guiding you and your loved ones to available resources for advanced planning, grief, self-care and external support.


We will guide you through all the aspects of action to achieve your intentions. In dealing with difficult questions, you or your loved ones will be enabled to design your customized plan. 

Creative Advance Care Planning

We will sit down with you and go over all the aspects of the ACP and design a plan that is unique and works for you. 


Advance Care Planning Workshops (In-person and online)

Creative legacy project workshops

Understanding our digital legacy and create a plan

Comfort care plan workshops

Getting down to the nitty-gritty, import information you need to consider having in place

Your unique care plan ( you decide what you or your group wants to work on creating)

Creative Outlets

Using art in a meaningful way to produce Legacy Projects before we or our loved ones pass away. Making meaningful creations to be remembered always.

Creating a legacy project is a beautiful way to leave your loved ones with special memories or create a precious keepsake as a reminder of your loved one who has passed.

There are projects you can create on your own or find someone to create one for you.


Ideas of projects:

  • Quilts/pillowcases/sewn projects

  • Memory frames

  • scrapbooks/photobooks

  • Momentos

  • Garden/lawn ornament

  • Photocopy recipes and other favourite letters etc.

Past Legacy Projects


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"My first thought is courage. You have this strength that shows in everything you do. The other is growth. When I look at you I see someone who has grown so much. You are wiser, calmer, more peaceful. You are special to me my friend. One of the first things I told Katy about you was something that I will never forget. You came to see me when I was in chemo. You sat at the end of the couch where I was laying. You took my foot from under the covers and gave me a foot rub? Do you remember that? I tear up every time I think of that act of kindness and compassion. I can't put a word to that to describe you. I know that whatever you put your mind to, you will accomplish"

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