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At Blueberry Road, we strive to offer the best support and guidance to you and your loved ones

Our services include



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$45 /hr

Includes taxes and mileage to these service areas: 

Vermilion Bay, Red Lake Road, Quibell, McIntosh,

Waldhof, Eagle River, Oxdrift


2 hours (Minimum in person support) 

Additional hrs is $35 (same day)

Additional mileage charge applied on

areas outside this scope


Past Legacy Projects


"My first thought is courage. You have this strength that shows in everything you do. The other is growth. When I look at you I see someone who has grown so much. You are wiser, calmer, more peaceful. You are special to me my friend. One of the first things I told Katy about you was something that I will never forget. You came to see me when I was in chemo. You sat at the end of the couch where I was laying. You took my foot from under the covers and gave me a foot rub? Do you remember that? I tear up every time I think of that act of kindness and compassion. I can't put a word to that to describe you. I know that whatever you put your mind to, you will accomplish"

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Blueberry Road FB Cover copy.png
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