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Blueberry Road

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Meet Helen

​Helen is a long-time artist, caregiver, personal support worker and end of life doula. Her heart goes out to anyone having challenges in their lives, but especially those who are dealing with a life-limiting diagnosis, in need of self-care or those caring for those loved ones.  It’s important to her that people are able to find support, not be alone as they navigate their choices for self-care or caregiving.  It can be very lonely, not always knowing where to turn for help, struggling with asking for help, having someone to speak to about those challenges and remembering that it is important to include self-compassion for everyone along this journey.

Foggy Lake

What is Blueberry Road?

Blueberry Road offers many services including in-person and virtual services and classes. All of these services support specific needs of the dying, the caregiver or someone who needs a diversion from their daily routine. 


Our Blueberry Road PSW and End of Life Doula Care Giving services provide support for the dying and their caregivers, with personal care options, care and legacy planning, listening or creative legacy projects.  


Our Blueberry Diversions services offer support to those in need of a creative outlet, or simply those in need of nature and soul realignment through outdoor activities at the lake.

Our campfire chats are virtual meetings organized through Eventbrite. This is an opportunity to talk and listen, providing the opportunity to feel connected and supported. Online grief Paintings are a great way to acknowledge our grief using a creative outlet, with sign up through Eventbrite.

Click on the icon to read more about each service.

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The Art of Being

Here at Blueberry Road, we are aware of how overwhelming life can be. That is why we strive to bring a creative thoughtful twist by focusing on art as an outlet for stress. We want you to have fun whether it is designing a legacy art project, painting a picture or just using your creative side as an outlet for your own relief and self-care. You can also purchase my art on the link below.

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You're not in this alone. Contact us today to start your journey.

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