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"It's Just Paint" Art Class in the Summer 2023

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

This was my art studio for the summer.

It truly is my happy place and it needs to be experienced to understand how special this place is (yes I am a little bias).

Summer has come to a close but you can continue to follow me and stay tuned for the schedule for next summer, 2024.

It was a great summer out at the lake and I enjoyed having wonderful groups out to enjoy a class in my summer studio. This cozy area that looks out over the lake, set the mood for a relaxing afternoon to sit back and recharge.

Here are a few of the groups that came out, check out the smiles and the incredible creations.

They chose the medium, watercolour or acrylic and the date that worked for them The classes were 3 hours long, (though we sometimes went over), it gives everyone plenty of time to relax and complete a painting.

These classes were geared for older students and adults. (15 yrs & up). I do offer classes for younger groups , I usually schedule those as a morning class.

Below were the class dates and times, 2024 will be similar too. September will find me moving back to my home studio and taking off some family time.


Connect with me for upcoming classes or to book a class where you choose the date, time and place.

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